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The Advantages And Disadvantages Af Using Off-Shore Or On-Shore Telemarketing Call Centers


When considering outsourcing your telemarketing call centers between an offshore provider or telemarketing call centers in the U.S., you have to weigh several factors.  In the last few years, "offshoring" has really become popular. The idea of businesses using foreign plants and workers in manufacturing has largely been accepted, but choosing offshore call centers for telemarketing efforts has caused much debate.

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  • Up to 75% Savings verses On-shore

An off-shore provider often costs only 25% of what the same project would cost in a U.S. telemarketing cal center.

  • An off-shore telemrketing call center is usually cheaper. Rates can be as little as 25% of what a U.S.-based telemarketing call center would charge for the same service. It is hard to pass up such savings when your budget could pay for so much more by going abroad for telemarketing call center services.  Yet, there are other considerations to think about.


  • Your choice in using an off-shore telemarketing call center can affect your corporate image. There will always be some who feel companies should be supporting a U. S. based workforce for telemarketing call centers.  The political ramifications must be weighed in this instance.  If your business has a large national presence, this could create some public relations concerns.
  • Off-shore telemarketers may not speak with a local accent.  Although off-shore telemarketing call centers may hire employees who speak with good English grammar, many still will be recognized as being foreign because of their accent. 
  • The size of your telemarketing call center project may be the major consideration.  If your business is quite large and the telemarketing call center needed for inbound or outbound calls is massive, the cost advantage from using off-shore telemarketing call centers may make it prohibitive to stay with a U. S. based telemarketing call center. 

As in the case of Microsoft Corporation, the cost-savings became to great to ignore and their customer base had to accept their off-shore choice for customer service and sales telemarketing call centers.  Smaller companies will have to determine whether they will choose off-shore or on-shore telemarketing call centers depending on their budget and whether their customers will respond favorably enough so their business base is not threatened.

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