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A List Broker Is Important To Successful Direct Marketing


Successful target marketing often depends on a good list broker who can provide a targeted list--email list, phone list, or mailing list. List brokers can be key in a direct marketing campaign, providing invaluable marketing lists. Direct marketers obtain lists indirectly through list brokers, rather than directly through list owners, for good reasons. As agents, list brokers process the vast databases provided through list owners and handle logistics crucial to effective target marketing. Here are a few examples of what list brokers do for you:

  • List Research: The best list brokers routinely research mailers' best lists. List brokers have the advantage of experience and building consistent relationships with many list providers.

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  • Testing: List brokers manage the testing process to track list response, a basic necessity in any direct marketing or target marketing campaign. 


  • Negotiating: List brokers can negotiate discounts for volume lists that will satisfy both list owners and mailers, for worthwhile return on investment (ROI).  


  • Coordination: List brokers are able to merge and purge many varied lists for streamlining direct marketing and more efficient targeting. This can be a tedious and involved process. 


  • List Monitoring: List brokers should watch how lists perform. Brokers watch statistics to optimize and adjust good lists that no longer perform and bad lists that need to be embellished. List brokers have the technology to regularly track statistics.


  • List Analysis: List brokerage firms should have a staff to assist in analysis and prediction response. This service can be basic, but it is an added value to increasing reliability of better sales leads and target marketing.


  • Mailing discounts: List brokers, familiar with postal rules, can save mailers significant postal expenses.  

The technical expertise of a list broker is invaluable, but the best list broker will communicate consistently with mailers, following up on target marketing outcome counts and providing personalized recommendations for adjusting future sales leads. The extra investment upfront may seem like a luxury, but a good list broker more than pays for itself.

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