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What Does A Telemarketer Do In A Telemarketing Call Center?


With the advent of using the telephone to help a business sell its product or service, a whole new industry has developed called telemarketing or telesales. The person who contacts the list of prospects by telephone is called a telemarketer and can perform these duties from an in-house or outside telemarketing call center. Special qualities make a good telemarketer, and their telemarketing skills are important in having successful telemarketing results.

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The backbone of the telemarketing industry is the telemarketer.  Although automated telemarketing systems can perform some of the telemarketing services a business may need (such as giving out recorded information or recording an address for mailing), the in-person voice of millions of telemarketers communicate with customers and prospects from a call center every day.

A successful telemarketing call center telemarketer has these qualities:

  • speaks clearly and intelligibly
  • speaks in a smooth and fluid manner, and without halting or stumbling over the words.
  • is friendly and polite
  • smiles while talking (a smile can be heard over the phone - it's true, try it).
  • knows  the specifics of his or her company product or service
  • can handle questions easily
  • communicates to connect with the customer or prospect
  • listens well

Not everyone can be a good telemarketer in a telemarketing call center.  When telemarketing involves sales, it is called telesales, and a telemarketer must also learn how to be persuasive and still friendly.  A good telesales/telemarketer is very valuable to a company because this call center is where the sales (and profits) are made.

Good telemarketers are highly valued in a telemarketing call center and can receive high incomes through bonuses which a business may pay for a successful rate of sales.  Telemarketing has become one of the country's largest industries and it provides millions with employment.  In some companys, the telemarketer in the telemarketing call center is its main source of sales and profits.

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