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Appointment Setting: How to Talk to Big Companies


Appointment setting, in order to be maximally effective, should be targeted. The person on the other end of the line should feel as if the appointment setter is concentrating on this call and only this call, instead of thinking about the next 50 calls that are going out.

Ironically, perhaps, treating prospects like individual people is especially important when dealing with large firms, such as a Fortune 500 company. Calling a big company with a bland, too-general sales pitch is an automatic loser. Professionalism and persistence, plus personality, can get the job done.

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Appointment Setters Know About Big Company Boredom

Nothing against big companies, but everyone knows that big companies can be boring. Corporate structures and corporate rules can make men and women feel like drones. Appointment setters, by showing some personality when they call, can exploit the boredom of decision-makers at big companies for the benefit of appointment setting clients. Whether through an interesting intro, a dynamite product pitch, or simply a pleasant voice, appointment setters can break the monotony of that person's day.

This bodes well for the attainment of an appointment. Of course B2B appointment setters should always retain the aura of professionalism, but when dealing with large companies, a bit of personality can go a long way...especially if it has been an otherwise boring day.

Appointment Setting Services and Gatekeepers

Another vital difference between appointment setting campaigns that target small or mid-sized businesses and appointment setting campaigns targeting big firms is the persistence needed to get through to decision-makers at big companies. Persistence is key, for example, when dealing with gatekeepers.

Every respectable decision-maker at a Fortune 500 company has at least one gatekeeper, and that gatekeeper is likely very skilled. After all, there are people calling all day with various sales pitches, and there simply is not time to take all those calls. Appointment setting services develop strategies about how to deal with gatekeepers, such as calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. But no strategy is a substitute for persistence.

Gatekeepers respect persistence, but only a certain brand of the stuff. Annoying persistence is merely annoying. Appointment setters who truly believe that they are calling with the prospect's best interests in mind, and can convey that to the gatekeeper, will eventually get a call through.

Not All Appointment Setting Firms Ready to Play with the Big Boys

When choosing an appointment setting service to conduct a campaign targeting big companies, one has to choose carefully. Boiler room operations that boast cheap prices but pay their appointment setters even cheaper wages are only suitable for the most routine campaigns.

Dealing with big companies should not be and by nature is not routine. It is difficult to get an appointment at a big company, especially for a small business, but the rewards can be huge. One account from one big company that is going to need services for years can literally sustain a small business.

Appointment setting firms that display professionalism and persistence contribute to that goal.


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